Forbes Says Sony’s Playstation Portable Poses Threat to iPod

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In a column for Forbes, Arik Hesseldahl says that while Sonyis digital music starts have so far been misfires, the companyis forthcoming Playstation Portable could allow Sony to mount a back door assault on Appleis dominance in both players and downloads. The Playstation Portable plays not only Playstation games, but music and video files as well. From the Forbes column:

If ever there was a company that could challenge Apple Computer for the dominant position in the still-young digital music space, it should be Sony.

And yet, it isnit. Despite the strength of its now decades-old Walkman brand, Sonyis various moves into the digital music player market and online music sales have come in fits and starts with little notable success.

But, Sony is mounting a new attack from an unlikely direction: video games. Sonyis forthcoming Playstation Portable (PSP)--a handheld gaming platform--will be primarily a gaming device. But, its use of a new Sony-created storage disc format--the Universal Media Disc, which stores nearly two gigabytes--canit help but become an easy method for selling music.

There is more in the full article, which we recommend as an interesting read.

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