Forbes Speculates On Next Big Apple Thing

It had to happen. Itis not enough that Mac users enjoy speculating on what weird, wild, and wonderful new things Apple has socked away in its R&D department as the days count down to another MACWORLD, now Forbes has gotten the Apple Speculation Bug and is offering up what it thinks Jobs may show us come MWNY. From the article titled "Apple Gooses IBook Speeds:"

Apple has also made a lot of noise about the concept of the "digital entertainment hub," where its computers become central to serving up various types of digital entertainment, whether music or video.

Another clue is Inkwell, a handwriting recognition program that turns handwritten squiggles into text. The place where something like that would be most useful would have to a pen-based computer of some kind, perhaps a tablet computer, or other walk-around device. Given Appleis early lead in wireless networking using the Wi-Fi standard, it wouldnit be much of a stretch to see Apple creating what is essentially a touch-sensitive screen that can display the contents of any computer it is connected to.

The Forbes article offers up some interesting points to support its speculation, so check it out then stop back to give us your speculation. Hey, itis never too soon to start.