ForgotIt? Password Tool Updated With Improved Security

Erich H Rast has released an update for ForgotIt?, bringing it to version 1.4. ForgotIt? is a password utility designed for the management of multiple passwords and URLs. The update features improved password security and various interface mods. According to Erich H Rast:

Shareware author Erich H Rast today has announced the release of version 1.4 of his password management tool ForgotIt? for OS X and OS 8-9. The tool is an easy-to-use multi-document application for managing passwords and Internet addresses. It uses strong Blowfish and AES (Rijndael) encryption to protect password lists and launches URLs that belong to a password entry.

Version 1.4 adds the following new features:

  • new password fields (higher security)
  • custom large & small display fonts and custom background colors
  • basic password list display customization (gridlines)
  • counter mode encryption (higher security)
  • various user interface enhancements
  • performance improvements for handling large password lists
  • more cleartext export options: csv, xml
  • new, revised documentation as PDF file with table of contents

You can find more information about the ForgotIt? update at the Web site. ForgotIt? is available for US$15.00.