Formac Kicks Off Weekly Specials With CD-RW Discount

Formac is going to begin a series of weekly specials, and this week Formac is offering their 12x/10x/32x FireWire CD-RW for US$259. The Formac FireWire CD-RW offeris Formacis Burn-Proof technology, helping to eliminate buffer overrun errors. According to Formac:

Formacis bus-powered and BURN-Proof 12/10/32 CD-RW drive is now available for $259 (after $20 mail-in rebate) at Formac will now offer specials on a weekly basis!

The new FireWire Formac cdrw is a breakthrough in CD-RW technology! Offering a 3-in-1 solution it allows you to easily record, erase and rewrite CDs - all that with unparalleled reliability and speeds! To give you a taste: our 16X/10X/40X version writes a 650 MB disc in under 5 minutes - the industryis fastest CD recording speed! And with Formacis exclusively engineered FireWire bridge, the Formac cdrw is hot-swappable and also runs bus-powered with most of todayis Macintosh computers (see list below for Macintosh computers that support bus power)!

You can find more information on the Formac FireWire CD-RW drive at the Formac Web site.