Formac Now Shipping DVI To ADC Converters

Formac has released a new conversion box for Mac users, the ADConnect. The ADConnect converts DVI signals to ADC flat panel displays via USB for high-quality picture imaging. The box is designed to minimize cable clutter and also features support for multiple ADC displays. According to Formac:

Formac Electronic Inc., the leading manufacturer of performance enhancing peripherals and advanced visualization solutions, today announced Formac ADConnect™, a DVI to ADC conversion box that opens the world of high-quality ADC displays to Macintosh users with DVI connectivity.

In developing the new conversion box, Formac has focused on a cost-efficient design. Unlike other DVI to ADC converters on the market, Formac ADConnect™ is only one small box (8” x 3” x 1.5”), incorporating all necessary connectors and the power supply.

Formac’s conversion box combines DVI video, USB, and external power to drive ADC flat panel displays with perfect image quality, and supports the convenient USB ports on the back of ADC flat panel displays.

You can find more information about the ADConnect release at the Formac Web site. The ADConnect conversion box is available for US$79.00.