Forrester Research: Apple will Colonize the Household

Forrester Research looked into the future and came up with some logical predictions about where Apple is going with its products. The vision was that Apple would be colonizing various rooms in the household in the year 2013.

The first item envisioned, according to Nick Wingfield at the Wall Street Journal, is a wall-mounted display with HD screen, speakers and a wireless connection. Such devices exist in isolation already, but Apple would add its own touch, for example, swapping a static photo with a multitouch-like finger swipe.

Forrester predicted an advanced clock radio connected to the home network.

In the living room, Apple currently has the Apple TV, but Apple has been disappointed in its sales. One possibility is to extend concept to in-house Apple Genius support. Or Apple could even get into the TV business itself and exploit Appleis famed ease of use. The complex HD systems, multiple boxes, and complicated onscreen menus may be ripe for an Apple entry into HDTV. The WSJ reported that Steve Wozniak thinks idea makes sense now.

Mr. Wingfield also cited John Seely Brown, a former director od Xerox PARC and now at USC who observed: "I see everything Steve is doing as positioning himself to take over completely the living room."

TMO notes customers who are suffering from HD technology overload and box fatigue are just the kinds of customers who will appreciate Appleis product designs and user interface innovations. The fact that Mr. Jobs isnit happy with the Apple TV sales suggests that the midnight oil will burn long and late in Appleis corridors.