Fortune: Power Mac G5 One Of The 25 Best Products Of 2003

Appleis new Power Mac G5 continues to get great press; the media really seems to like the big aluminum slab that is now Appleis flagship computer. With brains (provided by Appleis latest version of OS X, Panther), brawn (courtesy of IBMis new G5 processor), and good looks (thanks to Appleis famous design team), the new Power Mac is hard to ignore.

So, it is little wonder that Fortune has named the Power Mac G5 one of the 25 Best Products of the Year. Hereis what Fortune says about Appleis new computer:

Designer Jonathan Ive for Apple
Why itis so cool The G5is anodized aluminum enclosure isnit just an aesthetic home run: Its perforations keep the computer from overheating. Two sleek handles make the machine easy to move. And the G5is 64-bit processor is one of the fastest around.
Who loves it Virginia Tech, which is tying together 1,100 G5s to create a supercomputer cluster for "big science" projects like nanoscale research.
Price $1,799 to $2,999;

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