Fortune Smiles On Apple's Comeback

Fortuneis Stewart Alsop thinks Apple has a shot at the business market. In a recent article titled, Apple, the Comeback Kid, Mr. Alsop says that the new iMac may get a lot of neckties looking at Apple again. Mr. Alsop also lists several facts which favor the reintroduction of Apple into the corporate office. He adds:

...What systems at our firm prevent me from using a Macintosh computer without asking our IT group for support? Microsoft has been kind enough to make its Windows products for the Macintosh, including an e-mail client that works with the Exchange server as well as a version of Internet Explorer. I can use the same Dave program that I have at home to get access to the file servers on our network. The only issue Iive been able to identify is that I use a virtual private network (VPN) to get to the network when Iim not in the office; I havenit figured out how to get VPN access from the Macintosh.

Check out Stewart Alsopis article at Fortuneis web site.