Fortune Smiles On New iMac

Fortuneis Peter Lewis likes the new iMac. In a recent article in Fortune, Peter Lewis relays his experiences while test driving the new iMac. Mr. Lewis generally has glowing words for the 20 pound marvel. He says:

Apple clearly has learned from its Cube experience. The new iMac is functionally better than the candy-colored, beach-ball-shaped original iMac in nearly every way. The $1,799 SuperDrive model Iive been testing appears to be not only a great home computer, especially for people with an interest in the Internet, digital music, digital photography, and digital video, but also a heck of a bargain.

Mr. Lewis not only compares the iMac to its predecessor, but also to current Dell PCs, and find that the iMac stacks up nicely. Hereis what he said about the Dell comparison:

Itis impossible to make an exact match of specifications to compare the SuperDrive iMac with competing Windows systems, but I got pretty darned close with a Dell Dimension 4400 desktop. The Dell has a slight edge in hardware and support, while the Apple has better software and aesthetics, but the Dell arrives at the checkout line costing $350 more than the iMac.

Everything isnit all aces, however, as Mr. Lewis weighs in on some of the negatives of the new iMac. Hereis what he had to say:

Whatis not to like about the new iMac? For starters, thereis the awkwardness of adding additional memory and wireless networking capability from the underside of the base, a procedure that only a proctologist could love. Bottoms up! Also, the pre-production unit I tested occasionally hummed and buzzed and vibrated when the SuperDrive was engaged, spoiling the otherwise nearly silent operation of the computer. The problem may not affect regular-production iMacs, but keep your ears open for reports from early buyers.

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