Fortune: 'Wait For the Software to Catch Up' Before Buying MacBook Pro

Fortune magazineis Peter Lewis on Tuesday published a favorable review of the new MacBook Pro, concluding: "Itis the evolved Mac, and itis intelligently designed. But my theory is that if youire not in a rush, itis best to wait for the software to catch up."

Mr. Lewis led off by saying that, with the new Intel-based iMac and MacBook Pro, "Apple has improved on what were already two of the best computers on the planet and has built a better foundation for the future." He noted that while speed improvement claims are "based on benchmarks that bear little resemblance to real-world usage, you donit need a stopwatch to verify that [Intel-native] applications are indeed much snappier."

However, in addition to the fact that Office, Photoshop and other high-profile applications must take a performance hit by running through Rosetta, Mr. Lewis pointed to the MacBook Prois lack of a dual-layer DVD burner and the "faint snoring sound" made by the hard drive. He also noted that users without broadband Internet access "will now have to pay $50 for an external modem" and said that "more painful" was the loss of the PCMCIA slot found in the PowerBook.

In the end, though, he said that he "would get the MacBook Pro without hesitation" to replace his current PowerBook.