Foundation 4.0 Shipping For 4D Developers

Dave Batton has released a new version of Foundation, bringing it to version 4.0. Foundation is a structure file utility designed for creating 4th Dimension datatbases. The latest release features a rewritten shell and integrated components. According to Dave Batton:

Dave Batton today released Foundation 4, a major upgrade to the popular development shell for 4th Dimension.

Foundation 4 is a 4th Dimension 2003 structure file designed to be used as a starting point for new database projects. Using Foundation 4, 4D programmers can significantly decrease development time and add additional functionality to their databases.

This release is a complete rewrite of the shell, taking advantage of the new features available in 4th Dimension 2003. Foundation 4 consists of an integrated set of 4D Components to make updating projects a simple process. Complete source code for each component is included. Although a few of the components are designed specifically for the shell, most can be installed and used in any 4D database.

You can find more information about the latest Foudation release at the Foundation Shell Web site. Foundaton 4.0 upgrades are available starting at US$150, while the full version is available for US$295.00.