Fourth Preview Release Of ProSQL From Intelli Innovations

Intelli Innovations, Inc. is offering a fourth preview release of ProSQL. ProSQL is a database management app designed for direct access to data without needing SQL query syntax knowledge. This preview adds tab-delimited text imports and an integrated SQL script editor among other enhancements. According to Intelli Innovations:

Intelli Innovations, Inc. has released ProSQL 1.0 Preview 4, the latest update to its upcoming database management software for the Mac. This release adds tab-delimited text imports, an integrated SQL script editor, support for international characters, and improved SQL database export for mySQL, PostgreSQL, OpenBase, and FrontBase.

Release Notes (summary):

  • ProSQL now supports international characters for record browsing, reporting, and record insertion. Our custom implementation is based on IntelliMergeis similar functions
  • Text/Delimited Data Import pulls table data from text files into any supported data source. Supports tab-delimited files, drag-and-drop field mapping, and first row/header exclusion
  • SQL Script Builder is a SQL script editing enviroment built-in to ProSQL. WIth SQL Script Builder, you can create and edit SQL Script / SQL Dump files, execute them in a data source, and capture line errors
  • SQL database export has been improved for mySQL, PostgreSQL, FrontBase, and OpenBase
  • Entering ilocalhosti as the server name is now acceptable under all conditions; ilocalhosti is interpreted as
  • HTML reporting interface has been finalized. More templates will be added to the next update
  • Transporting "not null" field values is now supported for SQL dumps
  • Table Editor is now friendlier on Mac OS X. Interface flicker has been eliminated, prompts are rendered in Lucida Grande 11. Fields can be double-clicked for editing, and several other interesting cosmetic enhancements have been implemented.

You can find more information about the fourth preview release of ProSQL at the Intelli Innovations, Inc. Web site. ProSQL is available free until November 31st.