Fox Offers Dark Angel Clips In QuickTime Streaming Format

It seems that there were some other people watching Dark Angel instead of the debates last night, but we will assume they all taped one or the other for later viewing. That said, thanks to the many Observers who wrote in to point out that Fox chose to offer video clips from the new TV show in two formats, Real Video and QuickTime Streaming.

The siteis creators, a company called News Digital Media, Inc. (seemingly a subsidiary of Fox News) has also done an excellent job of supporting the Mac platform. The server tests for your platform and browser, and presents a Web page optimized accordingly.

You will need Flash to view the site as an HTML version is not yet available, but it is a beautiful creation. Go check it out. We also covered the presence of an iMac and a Cinema Display in the show, which is set in the year 2019.