Foxchange Releases An Arcade Puzzler: Cave Dig 3

Shareware game developer, Foxchange, has released Cave Dig 3. Foxchange, who has been developing Mac shareware for the past 5 years, has release a new puzzle/arcade game that is chock full of great graphics, music, and game play. As Foxchange puts it:

You control Simon, a small fox with great powers, who is transported in a fantastic underground world. You will have to dig, move stones, travel through warps and ultimately use a laser pistol to escape from the hostile caves. Watch out for the creatures! They will block your path, chase you and squash you if you are not careful.

After three years of intense development, Cave Dig 3 is bound to become a Mac shareware classic!

Cave Dig 3 is shareware, and cost $15 for a key to unlock the more advanced levels. The current version runs in OS 8 through the latest version of OS 9, and it will run is OS X in Classic mode. Foxchange promises that a Carbonized version will be available soon.