Foxchange Releases Update And OS X Version Of Cave Dig 3

Foxchange Software has released an update for Cave Dig 3, bringing it to version1.1. Cave Dig is a strategy/puzzle game where the player takes on the role of a Fox named Simon in and underground world. The latest update features performance tweaks and ships bundled with a new OS X version of Cave Dig 3. According to Foxchange Software:

Foxchange Software releases Cave Dig X, bundled with Cave Dig 3 v1.1.

Cave Dig 3 v1.1, an update to the original Cave Dig 3, has been released!

Whatis new? How about a Mac OS X native version of Cave Dig 3, bundled with Cave Dig 3 v1.1. In addition to the Mac OS X native version, a couple tweaks have been made in the classic version as well.

Cave Dig 3 is a wonderful, challenging arcade/puzzle game with beautiful graphics, a great soundtrack, and simple, yet entertaining game play.

Cave Dig 3 features fifty completely different levels and two bosses, soundtracks of six high quality music themes, more than twenty-seven stereo sound effects, detailed and colorful environments, fully animated characters, cinematic introduction and ending. Also included are a few good cheats to help the player.

You can find more information about the Cave Dig update at the Foxchange Software Web site. Cave Dig 3 v1.1 is available for US$15.00.