Fractals, Fractals, And More Fractals

Berkhan Software has updated their fractal generation program, Easy Fractal, to version 2.0. Easy Fractal allows users to generate unique fractals on the fly, allowing for a wide array of design options. According to Berkhan Software:

EasyFractal 2.0 is finished and can bedownloaded immediately from our Internet page.:

Easy Fractal is an interactive real-time fractal generating application.Zoom into the infinite depths of the fractal universe and discover newwonderful pictures no one has ever seen before.

EasyFractal has been reworked and edited in its entirety and now features amodern user interface, which enables easy and intuitive handling of theprogram.

  • There are now a total of seven different iteration functions, some ofwhich can be modified using freely selectable parameters.
  • All of the functions influencing the appearance of the fractal arecombined in one floating window and thus are accessible at any time(floating windows are always on top of all other windows).
  • The new Fractal Editor offers the option of rotating fractals and todisplay them three-dimensionally as landscapes.
  • The Palette Editor was also packed into a floating window and is now easyto access at any time without having to bring its window to the top first.Numerous new functions expand the possibility of generating optimal colorpalettes for the calculated fractals.
  • Images with a resolution of up to 4096 x 32768 pixels can be saved orprinted (unregistered version only 800 x 600 pixels). This means you can useEasyFractal 2.0 to print fractals as large as posters.

Easy Fractal is available for US$20. You can find more information at the Berkhan Software Web site.