Freddy & Jason Are Back, But All Is Not Lost

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Freddyis dead.

Jason is lost in space.

Hollywood is in a tizzy over how to scare you this Summer.

But wait! Whatis this? Some Hollywood hotshot with a typewriter stuck in the 80s has come up with an idea: What if they pitted Jason, of the Friday the 13th series, against Freddy, of Nightmare on Elm St. fame?

Yeah! Thatis the ticket!

Put some special f/x in there. Yeah...And make it real dark. Yeah, yeah!

Theyill flock to the theaters because everybody loves a good fight, right?


We had high hopes for this Summeris movie offerings, but if Freddy vs Jason is all Tinsel Town can come up with, then itis gonna be a long hot Summer.

The Summer movie season started off with a bang; X-Men 2 and The Matrix: Reloaded are kicking box office butt. Both films have their problems, but they are small and the eye candy is copious.

We suppose we should have guessed things would get bad when Arnold once again donned his glowing red machine-eye and uttered the memorable phrase, "Sheill be back," in the Terminal 3, uhhhh make that Terminator 3, trailer. We groan just thinking about it.

The Inedible Bulk, er, The Indelible Sulk, um, that big green guy started off looking cheesy in the trailers but has since redeemed himself after more trailers were released. Now itis not so unbelievable to see him toss around an M-1 as if he were Hulk Hogan slinging folding chairs at a WWF Free-For-All.

Then thereis Stuck On You: After watching that trailer you have to believe that there is truly a movie dumber than Dumb and Dumberer.

And letis not forget Wrong Turn, which brings back the classic fright movie formula: Add one car load of teens, one crazed murderer, put both miles away from a sheriffis office or a Wal-Mart, mix well and serve.

So, what do we have to look forward to? Fortunately there are a few flicks that prove that there are some good stories out there.

Whale Rider looks like a winner. Itis a story about a girl who wants to be something society says she cannot be. Whatis interesting is that the story takes place in New Zealand -- you know, the place where they shot much of The Lord of the Rings movies -- and it feature native New Zealanders and offers a glimpse into a culture that is foreign to many of us.

If Greg Kinnear didnit stick on you in Stuck on You maybe youill like his body double in Godsend, which looks pretty good. Kinnear and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos play father and mother to a boy who is tragically killed, then brought back to life via a cloning procedure performed by a shady doctor played by Robert De Niro. Check out the trailer, we think youill agree that Godsend will be one to watch this Summer.

The Legend of Suriyothai is based on a girl who came to rule a nation. Shot entirely in Thailand, The Legend of Suriyothai set in 16th century Thailand, is grand by any measure. The original theatrical release in Thailand is over 5 hours long and broke all Thai box office records when it was released in 2001. Only now, a heavily edited version will appear in the States. We believe this movie will be well received.

OK, you got drama and adventure but what about comedy? How about some Shaolin Soccer? Image a soccer game where the players are kung fu experts. Itis dubbed in English, and even that can be funny when the expressions donit match whatis being said. Looks like a good time.

There are many other new trailer on Appleis QuickTime Movie trailer site so stop by and check them out. When you are done with that check out the new iPod/Music Store commercials. We think Nava should try out for American Idol.