Free App Manages Bookmarks For iTunes 4 Playlist Sharing

With Appleis release of iTunes 4 came an interesting new feature: playlist sharing over Rendezvous and IP (see our how-to for more information). Unfortunately, iTunes 4 has no built-in functionality for managing servers, so you have to retype a server address every time you connect. Fortunately, it didnit take long for the Mac developer community to provide a solution. In fact, it was less than one week, and itis called ServerStore from The Little App Factory. We found out about them, because they linked to the how-to article mentioned above, and we thought it a good idea to return the favor.

ServerStore is literally a place to store server information from iTunes playlist shares. Not only does ServerStore act as a sort of bookmarks list for iTunes playlist shares, but you can publish your server online so that other ServerStore users can connect.

The short description from ServerStore 1.0is Read Me file:

ServerStore is a database for sharing your iTunes 4 library over the internet. You can retrieve other peopleis addresses to connect to and share your own for other people to view.

ServerStoreis interface
(Click the image for a full-sized version)

ServerStore 1.0 is available now. The software is free, and is only a 48KB download.