Free Game Development System Updated

SilverNetworks has released what the company calls a significant update to SilverCreator, its free Mac game development system. SilverCreator 1.5 has a card-based interface and isintended to allow you to easily create Mac games. The new version adds support for a number of new features in your game. From SilverNetworks:

Imagine a program that lets you create games just as easily as you breathe. A program that has the powerful tools you need, without all of the confusion of a conventional development program. A program that lets you make your games into real Macintosh applications and give them to virtually anyone using a Mac. Imagine a program this good, this powerful... being free.

Introducing SilverCreator, from SilverNetworks.

  • Simple card-based interface
  • Powerful event-based scripting language
  • Full multimedia support, including QuickTime™
  • Fast sprite system with 8-bit translucency
  • Network with up to 8 other games
  • Fully Mac OS X compatible (and Mac OS 7.6.1 and up)
  • Create games for Classic 68K, Classic PPC, or Carbon/Mac OS X.
  • No royalties at all for creating shareware games!

According to lead developer Mike Richardson, "This new version will blow your mind". SilverCreator v1.5 features a beautiful new Mac OS X compliant interface; virtually limitless cards, click-areas, sprites, and more; dozens of bug fixes; improved scripting syntax; faster sprites; new painting tools; and so much more.

You can find more information on SilverCreator at the SilverNetworks Web site. The system is free, and it works on both Mac OS X and Classic Mac OS.