Free Holiday Game Available At Kewlbox

Blockdot has released an new game for the holidays, Holiday Endurance. Holiday Endurance is a themed game that puts the user in the uncomfortable situation of having to deal with in-laws during the holidays. According to Blockdot:

Hi, my name is Dan Ferguson and I wanted to let you know of a free new downloadable game we created for the holidays. The game is called Holiday Endurance and itis made for a Mac.

Your nutty relatives have shown up on your doorsteps. Sure it’s a time for giving, but they are so demanding. Give iem what they want, when they want it and get iem out of the house before Mother’s holiday dinner hits the table.

My company (Blockdot) has been making games for several years. Our free games have been featured in all sorts of magazines, from Maxim to Mac Addict, Harperis Weekly to USA Today. We are also the only non-Microsoft bundled software developer to have our games make the Top 10 Most Installed games for the PC market.

You can find more information about Holiday Endurance at the Kewlbox Web site. Hoiliday Endurance is available freeware.