Free Online Computer Gaming Archiving Service Debuts

What was once known as "The Mill" to the Myth: The Fallen Lords and Myth II: Soulblighter 3rd party mod community has been remade into a comprehensive automated Internet game file Archive and information resource. The Mill was a Web site that archived maps, game plug-ins, add-ons, and full scale 3rd party modifications for the Myth series of games, offering fans a place to download all new experiences within their favorite games, free of charge. The new project is named For those keeping score at home, Evihcra is "archive" backwards.

In a nutshell, Evihcra offers free membership to fans as well as those who develop 3rd party add-ons to any of the most popular games. It gives us a place where we have complete control over the content we choose to place on Evihcra, viewable to the public. To add to this concept, those who access the database for files related to their favorite game title may review and rate any of the game files that are offered by the 3rd party community, after downloading and playing them. According to

The Evihcra community is like nothing you have experienced before, each game inhabits its own distinctive web site suited to the particular game it represents, yet each site shares the same database, membership roster and central organizational hub. Envision Evihcra as ancient Greece with each of the game sites as one of the City-States. As such, each unique game site fosters a community feel in a larger environment without all the hemlock, wooden horses and sweaty guys in short skirts.

Games that are available at this time are Myth and Myth2 (at The Mill), and The Sims! Coming online soon are Unreal Tournament, The Quake Series of games, and Sin.

Other games possibly coming later are Deus Ex, Rune, Star Trek Voyager Elite Force, Starcraft and Starcraft Broodwars, Total Annihilation, Halo, Descent 3 and the Rainbow Six Series. You can find more information at Evihcrais Web site.