Free QuickTime Effect Plug-In Released

Buena Software, Inc. is now shipping Diffusion Effect 2.0. Diffusion Effect is a QuickTime Effect plug-in designed to transform images into either impressionist or pointillist painting styles. The new version now has OS X support. According to Buena Software:

Buena Software, Inc. is pleased to announce an update release to our free Diffusion Effect QuickTime plug-in. This free product is available on our website at. Version 2.0 of the Diffusion Effect is a QuickTime Effect plug-in which transforms your image to look like an impressionistic or pointillist painting.

This release adds support for MacOS X. Users can now apply the effect in the MacOS X version of QuickTime Player Pro, or any other QuickTime application which supports QuickTime effects on MacOS 8, MacOS 9, and MacOS X.

You can find more information about Diffusion Effect 2.0 at the Buena Software, Inc. Web site. Diffusion Effect is available freeware.