Free Yourself From The Physical Keyboard: TouchStrokes Released

Niemeijer Consult has released a new app for OS X, TouchStrokes. TouchStrokes is a virtual keyboard app designed to negate the need for a physical keyboard. The app works with several devices including trackball and touch screens. According to Niemeijer Consult:

Niemeijer Consult today announced the debut of TouchStrokes(R) virtual keyboard for touch screens, server management and graphic tablet users. TouchStrokes runs natively on Mac OS X.

TouchStrokes provides a fully-functional virtual keyboard that works by drawing a keyboard image on the display and allows you to type characters into any normal application using a mouse, touch screen, graphic tablet, trackball, head pointer or other mouse emulator. It works seamlessly with all standard Mac OS X applications (including those running in the Classic) allowing you to type virtually anywhere a hardware keyboard can be used.

You can find more information about the TouchStrokes release at the Niemeijer Consult Web site. TouchStrokes is available for US$95.00.