Freeverse Now Shipping Burning Monkey Mahjong

Freeverse Software is now shipping Burning Monkey Mahjong. Burning Monkey Mahjong is a game designed after the popular asian tile game. The game features numerous tile sets and a flatualent Japanese snow monkey. According to Freeverse Software:

Burning Monkey Mahjong Solitaire is now shipping.

What makes this the best of all tile-matching games? Tons of tile sets, backgrounds, and layouts; a theme song with the word "taco" in it, witty fortune cookies, a flying springroll and a flatulent japanese snow monkey. Now THATiS a mahjong feature set!

You can find more information about the Burning Monkey Mahjong release at the Freeverse Software Web site. Burning Monkey Mahjong is available for US$19.95.