Freeverse Releases Xpression! For Custom Appearance

Freeverse Software has released a new app for Mac users, Xpression! 1.0. Xpression! is a utility designed for custom personalization of a users interface with themes and icons. The app features one-click personalization and ships with a few themes for starters. According to Freeverse Software:

Freeverse Software today released Xpression!, the premier personalization utility for the worldis most advanced operating system, Appleis Mac OS X. Xpression! enables users to change the look of Mac OS X with one click, removing more than 150 steps from the process of giving the Mac a complete makeover.

Xpression! adds jazz and flavor without requiring manual hacking of Mac OS X, or setting each icon individually. By selecting a pre-created theme from a list users can quickly and easily change the most commonly used icons in Mac OS X. The desktop and icons from hard drive to iTunes, from folders to the Trash, will take on the new, hip look.

You can find more information about theXpression! release at the Freeverse Software Web site. Xpression! 1.0 is available for US$24.95.