Freeverse Shipping 3D Crazy Eights

Freeverse Software is shipping a new game for Mac users, 3D Crazy Eights. 3D Crazy Eights is a virtual version of the timeless card game. The game features a 3D engine for realistic player perspective and online game matching via the GameRanger service. According to Freeverse Software:

Freeverse Software annouced today that 3D Crazy Eights, its rendition of the classic suit-following card game, is now shipping to retail outlets across North America. The game uses the 3D Card Games engine for the most realistic player perspective, and supports Internet play via the GameSmith opponent matching service.

Freeverseis Version of Crazy Eights supports many popular rule variants, so players can enjoy the game as they learned it, quickly and easily, with a few clicks. The game also supports two scoring methods, and even allows users to customize card point levels.

Finding an opponent is easy with Freeverseis GameSmith player matching service. Players connect to GameSmith using an in-game menu, and can browse from any number of games in progress or waiting for players, or chat with others and convince them to join their games. The game also supports a parental lockout feature for Internet play, so concerned parents can be sure their children are safe.

3D Crazy Eights also supports Freeverseis PicturePuppets technology, which allows for simple drag-and-drop creation of unique online avatars for network play. Users supply digital photos of their own faces, and PicturePuppets does the rest.

You can find more information about 3D Crazy Eights at the Freeverse Software Web site. 3D Crazy Eights is available for US$24.95.