Freeverse Shipping A New 3D Spades Game

Freeverse Software is now shipping a new app for Mac gamers, 3D Spades Deluxe 3. 3D Spades Deluxe is the 3D computer version of the popular card game. The app ships with multiplayer support and features rules from around the globe. According to Freeverse Software:

Freeverse Software, the premier maker of card games for Apple Macintosh computers today marked day four of Mac Card Game Week with the release of 3D Spades Deluxe 3, its rendition of the popular card game. The new software runs on Mac OS 8.6, and is optimized for the worldis most advanced operating system, Mac OS X.

3D Spades Deluxe features solo or Internet play against gamers from around the world via the GameSmith opponent matching service. The game is available as a downloadable demo, so users can sample the software before purchasing.

3D Spades Deluxe also supports the most popular rule variations in play around the worldis card tables, including optional Sandbag penalties, Blind and Double Nil bidding, and Ten for Two scoring.

You can find more information about 3D Spades Deluxe 3 release at the Freeverse Software Web site. 3D Spades Deluxe is available for US$19.95.