Freeverse Ships Massive Assault, Multiplayer Mech War Game

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Freeverse has announced that Massive Assault is shipping. Developed by Virtual Programming, Massive Assault is a single and multiplayer turn-based war game set in a world of mechs and mechanized warfare. From Freeverse:

Virtual Programming and Freeverse Software today announced that the unique strategy game, Massive Assault, is now shipping to retailers in North America. Massive Assault is a fully 3D turn-based strategy game set in a futuristic world of, missiles, mechs, and mayhem. With 26 different land, sea and air units, huge 3D landscapes and 6 different planets on which to battle, Massive Assault is a strategy gameris dream.

With Massive Assault you can play against the top-notch AI, or with your friends via hot-seat or over the internet. The game combines the best elements of turn-based war gaming with a unique "secret ally" political feature that can disrupt even the best laid battle plan.

System Requirements include Mac OS X 10.2 or later. 600MHz G3 or better, and a 32mb OpenGL 1.3 compatible video card.

You can see a trailer for this very cool looking game at Appleis Web site, and you can find more information on the title at Freeverseis Web site. Massive Assault is priced at US$39.95. We originally noted that there was a demo of the game at Freeverseis Web site, but the demo is simply the QuickTime trailer we noted above.

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