Freeverse Ships Project Nomads In US

Freeverse has announced that Project Nomads is now shipping North America. This game puts you in the role of one three surviving nomads in a floating world made from the remains of a destroyed planet. The title was originally released in Europe by Virtual Programming, with Freeverse picking up distribution in the UK. The company says it is shipping to stores in the US this week.

Game features:

  • Breathtaking 3D worlds with spectacular graphics
  • 3 different heroes to choose from: smart John, strong Goliath and beautiful Susie
  • Individual tactics depending on the choice of character
  • 8 main quests with numerous sub quests
  • More than 40 different opponents
  • Special effects, buildings etc. for each character
  • Unusual, innovative story
  • Fight enemies with fireballs and spellbombs
  • Unlimited freedom of movement between the floating islands
  • Control your own flying island
  • The opportunity to turn your island into a flying fortress or munitions factory
  • Complete control of units such as double-deckers and turrets
  • Aircraft with selectable AI-controlled autopilot during battles
  • Easy-to-use interface complete with tutorial
  • Dynamic weather system with day and night cycles
  • A world consisting of 3 graphically entirely different levels
  • 2 spells per hero
  • Real-time shadings
  • Multiplayer game for up to 8 players via LAN or the Internet

Project Nomads screen shot
(Click the thumbnail for a larger image)

Project Nomads is available in box form (US$29.99 - Amazon), or as a downloadable product from Freeverse. The boxed version should be arriving in stores shortly. You can find more information on Project Nomads at Freeverseis Web site or the dedicated Project Nomads Web site.