Freeverse Updates Arcane Arena MMORPG, Drops Subscription For One-Time Fee

Our friends at Freeverse Software have released a new version of Arcane Arena, the companyis Mac-only persistent Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). The new version of the game basically features a switch from subscription-based play to a one-time access license. From Freeverse:

Freeverse Software is pleased to announce a new release of Arcane Arena, its massively multiplayer online role playing game of adventuring and combat. The new release replaces Arcane Arenais annual subscription with a new unlimited access account for US $29.95, making Arcane Arena the most economical Mac-only MMORPG. All existing subscriptions have been transitioned to the new account system.

Additionally, Arcane Arena 1.0.5 is the first Mac-only MMORPG to have a completely open-source monster AI, so users can contribute their own monster behavior to the dungeon. A new plug-in architecture rounds out the mix of new customization features, giving codewarriors the ability to easily "skin" the Arcane Arena interface.

Coinciding with the release of Arcane Arena 1.0.5 is the introduction of a new Arcane Arena server that runs exclusively on Mac OS X. The new server is already running in Freeverse HQ, ready to take on thousands of clients.

Programmed by Dave Curran, Arcane Arena features a huge dungeon filled with treasure, terrors, and a demoness whois a cross between Gwyneth Paltrow and your worst nightmare! Gather some friends online and go exploring, or work out your personal issues in the Arena with a combination of eldritch energies, naked steel, and primal scream therapy.

Using a unique battle-timer system in which individual speed characteristics effect the real-world rate at which you receive turns, Arcane Arena captures both the adrenaline rush of real time games and the complex, tactical satisfaction of turn-based play.

You can try the game for free. Arcane Arena allows you to advance to the 4th level before having to pay. The game is priced at US$29.95, and you can find more information at Freeverseis Arcane Arena Web site.