Freeverse Updates GameSmith With LAN Playing

Freeverse Software has released an update for GameSmith, bringing it to version 3.3. GameSmith is a utility designed for match-making online gamers. The update features LAN playing and enhanced preferences. According to Freeverse Software:

Freeverse, award-winning maker of Mac OS X games announced version 3.3 of GameSmith today.

GameSmith is a family friendly Mach-O, Mac OS X native game matching service that features private accounts, server-side rankings, an integrated mySQL database that powers live web-based stats and more.

The new features include LAN play (Zero-Config), chat coloring, more powerful preference settings, AFK feature, many community-demanded features and numerous bug fixes.

GameSmith hosts all of Freeverseis online play as well as third party games that fit into the family-friendly atmosphere of the service.

With a full line of classic board and card games, as well as fun action titles such as Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab and AirBurst by Strange Flavour, GameSmith offers the best online game playing experience for Mac OS X users.

You can find more information about the GameSmith update at the Freeverse Software Web site. The GameSmith update is available as freeware.