Freshly Squeezed Software Shipping News Feed Aggregator

Freshly Squeezed Software is shipping a new app for Mac users titled PulpFiction. PulpFiction is a utility designed as a news feed aggregator. The app features a Mail-like interface and support for various syndication formats. According to Freshly Squeezed Software:

Freshly Squeezed Software today released PulpFiction, a next-generation news feed aggregator for Mac OS X.

PulpFiction features a familiar Mail-like interface, flexible filters, and audio-visual queues to alert you to feed updates. PulpFiction supports the RSS (Really Simple Syndication), RDF (Resource Description Frameworks), and Atom syndiation formats. PulpFiction also imports and exports OPML files, and sports customizable cascading stylesheets allowing you to view your favorite feeds in any way you choose.

You can find more information about the PulpFiction release at the Freshly Squeezed Software Web site. PulpFiction is available for a limited time for US$19.00.