From Acrasial To Zygotatical, A Compendium Of Lost Words

How often have we crocitated on the virtues of our computing platform, bubulcitating to the minions of Microsoft, only to have our flosculatious recitations renounced and ignored as if we were mere philyarologists?

Take heart, true believers, you can now pudify those drollic denizens of Redmond with your eloquent blateration; but first, you must make a stop by the Compendium Of Lost Words, and study the perantique terms therein.

What the heck, you ask? The Compendium of Lost Words is a site that is dedicated, literally, to the listing of some 400 words that are all but lost to the modern speaker of English. From Acrasial to Zygotatical, youill find all manner of words that most of us never even knew existed.

A bumposopher? Thatis right, thatis basically another word for phrenologist, itself a little known word. For those looking for a more succinct way to refer to something that is sixteen times something else, try sedecuple on for size. Before you think we are naught but a phlyarologist, weill let the folks at Forthrightis Phrontistery, the parent site of the Compendium, explain it:

Welcome to the Compendium of Lost Words, a component of Forthrightis Phrontistery . The Compendium lists over 400 of the rarest modern English words - in fact, ones that have been entirely absent from the Internet, including all online dictionaries, until now. By revealing the existence of these words online, I do not necessarily promote their revival, but I do encourage an appreciation of the flexibility of English vocabulary. In theory, the Compendium will be the only web page on which each of these words occurs in its proper English context. Click on a cell in the table below to take you to the four main Compendium pages, organized alphabetically by word, or on the links for more information about the site.

You donit have to be an English major to get a kick out of the words and meanings listed at the Compendium; some are ridiculous, while many seem relevant and useful now.

After browsing the Compendium of Lost Words, you can misqueme your friends by waving your maleolent socks about, or display your pigritude to your privign while quaeritating the slimikin snobographer youive just met.

From your amorevolous friends at TMO, thatis a darned Cool Waste of Time for this week, and we have the good folks at to thank for pointing it out to us.

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