From The Floor: The Coolest Digital Media Yet (With Pics)

Imation is showing off a new technology called DataPlay Digital Media from DataPlay. DataPlay is a tiny disk in side a plastic case that stores 250 MB per side for a total of 500 MB of capacity. It looks like something straight out of a big-budget Hollywood flick set 5-20 years in the future (unless itis about the CIA in which case it is set in the present). It is being aimed at digital media markets such as MP3 and digital photography, and sure to be a mega-hit with kids.

Click thumbnails to see larger versions.

The only drawback is that at this time, the discs are write-once only, a definite drawback. DataPlay is working with the recording industry to provide DataPlay discs with pre-recorded (pre-formatted) music discs.

According to the DataPlay Web site:

Youill be able to buy blank DataPlay digital media in 2 capacities -- 250MB and 500 MB. How much of everything digital can you fit on a single DataPlay digital media? Check it out using our Capacity Calculator. Youill see that each 500MB DataPlay digital media will hold up to:

  • 11 hours of MP3-quality music
  • 5 hours of CD-quality music
  • 160 high resolution still photos
  • 2 hours of MPEG 4 video

Those numbers do not include the just announced MP3Pro format which provides MP3 quality sound at half the file size of MP3 files.

DataPlay expects to sell the discs for between US$5 and US$12 per disc, though Imation sources told The Mac Observer they expect the discs to initially sell for US$10. Imation will be branding their own versions of the disc.

Imation is showing prototypes of the Imation DiskGO! drive, a drive that will allow users to transfer data between multiple memory card formats and a DataPlay disk without plugging it into a Mac (or PC), though it does come with a USB port for working with computers.

You can find more information on the DataPlay discs at DataPlayis Web site. Thanks to Dan Knight of Low End Mac and our own John F. Braun for his help with this article