Fujitsu Announces 2.5" 120GB Drive for Laptops [UPDATED]

Laptop users in the Mac, Windows, and Linux worlds will soon be able to enjoy up to 50% more hard drive space on their laptops. Fujitsu Computer Products announced Tuesday a 4200 RPM, 120 gigabyte 2.5" hard drive for portable computers called the MHV2120AT.

Current 2.5" hard drives max out at 80GB, with most portable computers on the market today from both Apple and Wintel assemblers selling with 40-80GB configurations. Low end drives that comprise the bulk of the market operate at 4200 RPM, with higher-performance 5400 RPM and 7200 RPM drives having entered the market in the last few years.

For the technically oriented, the specs for the MHV2120AT:

  • Read / Write Power Consumption of 1.6W typ.
  • Idle Power Consumption of 0.5W typ.
  • Idle Acoustic Noise as low as 2.3Bels
  • Non-Operating Shock of 8,820m/s2 (900G) 1ms
  • Operating Shock of 2,940 m/s2 (300G) 2ms
  • L/UL (Load/Unload) of 600,000 cycles

The drive will be available to both manufacturers and retailers in May of 2005. Fujitsu has not yet announced retail pricing for the drive.