Full Version Of AOL For OS X Released

America Online, Inc. is now shipping a new version of AOL for the Mac platform. The latest version of AOL, dubbed AOL for Mac OS X, features support for OS X and a redesigned interface that embraces the Aqua look and feel. Other enhancements include AirPort support for wireless users and iChat instant messaging. According to America Online:

America Online, Inc., the worldis leading interactive services company, today announced the availability of the all new AOL for Mac OS X, with enhancements to AOLis most popular features and an elegant new design that takes full advantage of the Mac OS X environment.

The new AOL for Mac OS X was developed based on extensive consumer feedback by AOL members who wanted an online service designed for how they use the Internet today and that was a seamless part of the design, functionality and navigation of the Mac OS X operating system.

AOL for OS X brings together enhancements to AOLis popular e-mail and instant messaging features, such as a counter on the Mac OS X dock that displays the number of new messages; the new AOL Search; the addition of new short-cut keys, as well as several Mac-first features, including the integration of the Netscape Gecko Web browser. A new design also brings the true look and feel of Apple to AOL with a visual appearance based on the Aqua style guide.

The new AOL for Mac OS X offers several features that are first for Macintosh, including:

  • Integration of the Netscape Gecko Web browser, providing a fast and seamless Web browsing experience that delivers the very best programming on the Web
  • Appleis QuickTime media player for easy enjoyment of streaming video and audio content when accessing the AOL service through a high-speed Internet connection
  • Compatibility with Appleis iChat, for instant messaging between Mac.com members, AOL members, and AOL® Instant Messenger™ (AIM) users
  • Access to AOL Favorite Places from anywhere so members can access content and pages from their home computers as well as from work. With AOL for Mac OS X, members can also access their e-mail, Buddy List, Address Book and other favorite features from any computer
  • AOL for Mac OS X is compatible with Appleis AirPort, providing members with the freedom of wireless home networking - so they can be online anywhere at home without plugging in their Mac laptops

You can find more information about the AOL for OS X release at the America Online, Inc. Web site.