Fun At The Expense Of A Few British Politicians

Free speech is something we cherish at The Mac Observer above most things, and nowhere is this more true than political satire. With that in mind, we bring you todayis Cool Waste of Time. A UK online marketing company called Panlogic has posted an online Flash game they are calling Splat the MP. For those Observers who are not familiar with the term, an MP is a Member of Parliament, roughly analogous to a member of the US Congress. The game is simple: all you have to do is throw virtual eggs at effigies of various MPs while not hitting the likes of Anna Kournikova and soccer star David Beckham. From the description on the Web site:

The aim of the game is dead easy... chuck eggs at the party leader (and Mr. Potiloo). But [sic] donit hit Kournikova or Beckham though [sic], thatill lose you points (donit ask why).

Youive got two minutes to hit the baby-kissing, granny hand-shaking, sincerely-smiling so and sois.

The more difficult the shot, the more points you get. But [sic] beware, youive only got ten chances to miss your beloved MPs.

Oh yes, keep an eye out for Widdecombe and Thatcher... and turn up the volume.

A quick rundown of the names mentioned:

  • Anne Widdecombe is an MP, and her site has more information about her.
  • David Beckham is a British football (soccer to those of us in the States) star. We found a fan site for him.
  • Anna Kournikova plays tennis and has Windows viruses named after her (not her fault). There are many Web sites for Ms. Kournikova, but her official Web site is hosted by Lycos.
  • Margaret Thatcher is the arch-conservative British Prime Minister who came to power during the late 1970s.
  • We arenit sure who Mr. Potiloo is, so if you have some information about him, please post it in the comments below.

Now that you know who the people are, go and throw some eggs at them!

The game in action
Click the image to see a larger image.

TMO forum Mod, David Nelson, scored 247 points, well ahead of the staffis next highest score of 122. Let us know how you did.

If you know of a Cool Waste of Time, let us know so we can share it everyone else.