Fun New Video Filters Available

Attention video editors: Buena Software has released a new effects pack with 10 new video filters. Effects Pack #3 can be used with any video editing application that supports Quicktime effects. According to the company:

Included in this set of effects are several plug-ins for digital image compositing, as well as several other fun and powerful filters. With Effects Pack #3 you get the following:

  • Filter Factory - Create your very own effects with this powerful tool
  • Fractal - Create fascinating mathematical images
  • Motion - Pan across still images to bring them to life, or add motion to your video clips to create fun effects
  • Invert HSV - Make wild color variations for new and interesting looking clips
  • Blue/Green Screen - Film a subject against a blue or green background, then use this filter to remove the background and composite in a different one, just like the Hollywood movie makers do
  • Luminance Key - Create composites by pulling out bright parts of your video clips
  • Difference Matte - Pull objects out of complex scenes for compositing with other scenes
  • Garbage Matte - Add hand drawn mattes to images to clean up clips before compositing
  • Super Chroma Key - Film your subjects against any colored background and use this plug-in to composite them into other scenes
  • Super Alpha Compositor - combine your images into a composite using 9 different modes

The Buena Effects Pack #3 is available for US$30, and a time-limited demo version is available. You can find more information at the Buena Software web site.