Fundraising Package Updated

FUNDimensions has updated their fundraising management software of the same name to version 3.5. The new version of FUNDimensions is built on 4Dis database technology, greatly improving the speed and performance of the application. According to FUNDimensions:

Announcing Version 3.5 of FUNDimensions Fundraising Software

This update offers faster performance, an improved user interface, and new reports.

Built on the latest database technology from 4D, Inc., the new database engine improves performance throughout the software, with most searches and sorts 10-25 times faster than the previous version. A new Advanced Reports interface brings together dozens of new and old reports into one easy-to-use interface with contextual help for each report. Reports that required use of the Report Editor in previous versions may now be made by just selecting the report from a list.

Pricing for FUNDimensions begins at US$1,729. You can find more information at the FUNDimensions Web site.