Fundraising Software Gets Host Of New Features

FUNDimensions has updated their fundraising software of the same name to version 3.7. FUNDimensions allows organizations to easily coordinate and manage fundraising campaigns by offering tools for tracking the progress of the campaign, tracking individual contributions, and simplifying the process of creating and sending "Thank You" notes. According to FUNDimensions:

Version 3.7 of FUNDimensions Fundraising Software is now available. This version offers:

  • New reports: view donor gift histories sorted chronologically, with subtotals for each year.
  • New ways to find and remove duplicate records: in addition to previous methods, you can locate records with duplicate email addresses or phone numbers.
  • Improved search capabilities: without using the Advanced Search command, locate donors by email address or by a combination of first and last name.
  • New security feature: the software can be configured to block certain users from access to donor notes, for enhanced privacy and confidentiality of sensitive information.
  • New options for tracking in-kind gifts: in version 3.7, you can track in-kind gifts as categories of different types of gifts.
  • Faster launching of the database, especially with large files.
  • New sorting options: to help you locate specific gifts and spot trends, display of individual donor gift histories in the Donor Input Window may now be sorted on any of 5 parameters.
  • Plus 27 other new features, bug fixes and improvements.

FUNDimensions fundraising software is a database application for small non-profits and schools. It manages the entire fundraising process, helping these often under-staffed organizations to raise more money, identify the best fundraising opportunities, and maintain a personal relationship with donors. Profiling charts, reports for the board of directors, and quick feedback on the progress of fundraising campaigns aid fundraisers in reaping the benefits of their technology investments.

Pricing for FUNDimensions starts at US$1729. You can find more information at the FUNDimensions Web site.