FutureBASIC Full Release From STAZ

STAZ Software, Inc. has released a new version of FutureBASIC, bringing it to version 6. FutureBASIC is a development app designed for software developers using BASIC. The latest version of FutureBASIC features Carbon compatability and performance enhancements. According to STAZ Software:

STAZ Software, Inc. With release 6, the fastest, most powerful Macintosh BASIC just got even better.

FutureBASIC has always been known as the creator of the fastest Macintosh BASIC applications. Now it is not only speedier than before… it also brings this ease of use to making Mac OS X applications!

STAZ Software has implemented a number of changes that make FutureBASIC applications Carbon compatible: programs run transparently under Mac OS X, or in Mac OS 9. The new release provides access to all Appearance Manager buttons and implements all window types including sheets, floating windows, and windows with toolbars.

You can find more information about the latest version of FutureBASIC at the STAZ Software, Inc. Web site. FutureBASIC 6 is available for US$169.00.