G4 PowerBook Graces the Cover of the New York Times Online (With Pic)

Imagine our surprise and delight at seeing a thumbnail picture of a Titanium PowerBook G4 on the front e-page of the worldis most famous and respected journalistic publication. The New York Times sports a shot of Appleis latest hardware release to promote a quiz in the NYT Magazine. You can test your knowledge of which artists endorse which products in corporate ads.

Of course, before we send our Observers out in droves to prove that they know every artist ever to be featured in an Apple commercial (letis see: Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Kermit the Frog, Barry White?), we should point out that Apple is not actually a correct answer to any of the questions. Rather, Apple is a wrong answer to the question: Which company used the Beatlesi "Revolution." Apparently, Nike did.

Some other artists mentioned in the quiz are Nick Drakeis "Pink Moon," used by Volkswagen; Stingis "Desert Rose," used by Jaguar; and Bruce Springsteenis "Born in the USA," which he refused to license to Chrysler.

You can find more information, and take the quiz for yourself, at the New York Times Web site.