G4 Titanium Notebook Owners Unite!

On the heels of yesterdayis announcement welcoming new G4 owners to the G4 mailing list, The Macintosh Guy has launched a new discussion list for the lucky owners of Appleis G4 Titanium PowerBook. According to The Macintosh Guy:

Hello. Iim pleased to announce the Titanium G4 email discussion list.

Titanium G4 is a forum for Macintosh users and fans of Apple latest G4PowerBook.

The discussion lists at TheMacintoshGuy.com have about 9500 members and thelist server pushes over 3.5 million messages each month.

Lists@TheMacintoshGuy.com include:

  • Titanium G4
  • Mac OS X Dreams
  • Home Mac
  • OS X Public Beta List
  • Business Mac
  • MacMP
  • MacCube
  • DigiCam
  • MacVoice
  • Mac Digital Video List
  • G4 List
  • MacGames List
  • iBook List
  • Macintosh USB Talk List
  • Macintosh FireWire Talk List
  • PowerBook Duo/2400c List

Sending a message to Titanium-ON@themacintoshguy.com will begin subscription to the list. Or you can fill out one of the forms at:

You can find more information about all of the mailing lists at The Macintosh Guyis Web site.