Gain Complete Control Over Your Audio With Rogue Amoeba's Detour

Have you ever been listening to loud music, and had yourself scared half to death by a sudden, full-volume alert sound? Apparently the folks at Rogue Amoeba have. Rogue Amoebais Detour software lets you set the volume and sound output device of any application independently from other applications. For example, you could send iTunes audio to an external set of speakers at full volume, while sending iChatis audio to the internal speaker at a low volume. From Rogue Amoeba:

Rogue Amoeba Software is announcing the immediate availability of Detour, our newest audio utility for Mac OS X. Detour provides the ability to choose the audio output device and relative volume for all of your applications - a capability never before seen on OS X that will appeal to users of all types. From serious audio pros to the computer music lover in all of us, Detour provides the control over your sound that youive always wanted.

With Detour, you can send iTunes music and DVD Player sound to an external set of speakers or headphones while keeping noises from iChat and other programs coming out of the computeris smaller built-in speaker. Keep your music distraction-free and never again be jarred out of a groove session.

Detour can also be used to lower the volume of some applications relative to others. Even users with just one system output will benefit from Detour. Use Detour to lower the volume on your email notifications so they donit cut through music and movies - or selectively mute programs which insist on making noise you donit need to hear.

Detour compliments the popular Griffin iMic wonderfully, and works great with any USB speakers such as the Harman Kardon SoundSticks. Users owning MiniDisc players will also appreciate Detouris ability to send the audio from a single application directly to the MiniDisc for recording. Anyone who has the volume turned on in OS X will benefit from Detour.

Detour 1.0 is available now as US$12 shareware for OS X 10.2 users. Register Detour before July 31st, and the price drops to US$10.