Galactic Patrol: Special Assigment Enters Beta Testing has released a beta version of Galactic Patrol: Special Assignment. Galactic Patrol is a 3D homage to late 80is video gaming. The beta version is the precursor of the next GP release, and MonkeyByte is looking for prospects to fish out the bugs. According to

MBD is proud to announce that Galactic Patrol: Special Assignment is now ready for Beta testing.

Just like Galactic Patrol Classic, GPSA provides the best 3d homage to the classic arcade hits of the early 80is that can be found on the net. This new version of the game comes with all new levels of gameplay and builds upon the strengths of the original Galactic Patrol!

You can find more information about the the beta testing of Galactic Patrol at the Web site. Galactic Patrol is available for US$15.00.