Galactica A.D. Update Improves Multiplayer Support

VendorNation has updated its Galactica Anno Dominar game to version 2.1. Galactica A.D. is a colonization/conquest game that pits the player in the role of inter-galactic conqueror. The new version adds multiplayer improvements such as better administration controls, more player communication options, and the ability to host many instances of the game from one machine. From VendorNation:

Galactica Anno Dominar goes Multiplayer in a big way with version 2.1! Strategy gaming has never been finer in the world of Galactica A. D.! Refinements in gameplay and the addition of Administration controls round out Galactica for the ultimate multiplayer experience.

Version 2.1 allows you to host a plethora of multiplayer games all on one machine. New administration controls allow you to communicate with players, leave messages while players are not logged in, modify game settings after the game has started, and to modify player settings as well.

Galactica AD is available now. A free demo is available, with the full version being US$20.