Galleon Reclaims PowerTicker From Aladdin

Galleon Software has re-acquired the popular stock tracker software, PowerTicker, from Aladdin Systems. Galleon originally launched MacTicker in 1999, and later sold the product to Aladdin. The release of PowerTicker 2.1 again sees the product under the Galleon Software banner. According to Galleon Software:

Since they first released MacTicker in 1999, Galleon Software has been at the forefront of the Macintosh stock browser market. Aladdin Systems purchased the product soon after, and Galleon continued as the prime developers of the newly named PowerTicker. But today, with the release of PowerTicker 2.1 under the Galleon banner, the leading stock browser on Macintosh has come full circle.

"Selling PowerTicker to Galleon Software makes good sense," says Jonathan Kahn, CEO of Aladdin Systems. "It puts an exciting piece of software back into the hands of the people who created the original version, and will allow Aladdin to focus our resources on extending our StuffIt technology, enhancing Spring Cleaning, and expanding our offerings for Developers."

PowerTicker is a specialized web browser that queries financial websites around the world and reformats the information it receives as an animated stock ticker and a collection of concise reports. The built-in portfolio manager uses the latest available stock quotes to calculate the current value of your investments; even your international holdings are automatically converted at the current exchange rate and tallied in your currency of choice. One integrated package lets you monitor how much your holdings gain or lose over time, recognize buying opportunities, spot problem areas before they start costing your money, even built experimental portfolios to test the water without risking your savings.

PowerTicker is available for US$29.95. You can find more information at the Galleon Software Web site.