GameRanger Adds In-Game Voice Comm

GameRanger Technologies has announced in-game voice communication support for GameRanger. GameRanger is an online gaming service designed for multi-player matchmaking. According to GameRanger:

Scott Kevill, president, GameRanger Technologies, today announced the addition of in-game voice communication to GameRanger, the leading Macintosh multiplayer online gaming service.

The in-game voice communication is available right now for Premium GameRanger members. No complicated setup or external program is required, and it works transparently with most routers without needing confusing port mapping procedures.

Undoubtably the best part of the in-game voice communication is automatic team channels for supported games. You can choose to send your voice just to your team mates, or to everyone. You can even choose the stereo location for voice channels you receive (for example, the All channel on the left, the Team channel on the right).

You can find more information about the in-game voice communication at the GameRanger Web site.