GameRanger Adds Monopoly, StarTrek Titles

If you are looking for an online partner to play a game with, more than likely GameRanger has you covered. And now, it is even more likely. The online game-finder has announced that they have added two new titles to their line up, Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force and Monopoly. According to GameRanger:

Scott Kevill today announced the addition of two new game titles to GameRanger, the Macintosh multiplayer online gaming service. In addition to the 46 previous titles, gamers can now play Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force and Monopoly.

Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force is the ultimate, sci-fi first-person shooter using the Quake III Arena engine. The first game based on Star Trek Voyager universe, Elite Force pits players against a multitude of Star Trek enemies, including the relentless Borg and never-before-seen aliens, in intense single-player and multiplayer combat missions.

Monopoly is the Worldis Most Popular Board Game Brought to Life! Play the classic Property Trading Game from Parker Brothers like never before! Follow all the action as fully animated 3-D Monopoly game tokens respond to dice rolls and energetically move around the board. Create your own custom game board with clip art images or imported graphics for a totally unique gaming experience.

You can find more information, and a full list of GameRanger supported titles, at the GameRanger web site.