GameRanger Adds Two New Titles

Scott Kevill has announced that Heroes III: Complete, and Shogo: Mobile Armor Division are now supported on GameRanger. The gaming environment is there for players to meet worthy opponents, organize and play games, discuss strategies, and exchange tricks and ideas. According to Scott Kevill:

Heroes III: Complete is combination of three normally separate Heroes III games all into one game, The Restoration of Erathia, Armageddonis Blade, and The Shadow of Death. Turn-based game play allows everyone to play at his or her own pace and internet multi-player support for up to 8 players at one time on GameRanger. There are over 200 different maps and scenarios to explore and conquer, and has unique and unlimited replayability with the Random Scenario Generator.

In Shogo: Mobile Armor Division, experience jaw-dropping visuals and pulse-pounding special effects in this anime inspired masterpiece. Strap yourself in to a multi-ton, heavily armored, armed to the teeth MCA that moves like quicksilver but destroys like a wrecking ball. Combine gigantic Mobile Combat Armor with little annoying soldiers and what do you get? SQUISH!

You are Sanjuro, a hotshot commander caught in the middle of a war against a terrorist organisation that cost him his family and his girlfriend. As the plot develops, you will find out that not everything is as it seems. But make no mistake: Shogo is all about furious 3D action.

Inspired by such anime classics (Japanese animation) as "Macross" and "Gundam", Shogo allows you to do battle in a 10 meters tall robot and features an extensive and involved plot.

Heroes III and Shogo are respectively available for US$39 and $49. You can find more information about GameRanger and these two games at the GameRanger web site.